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    Celine Dion has announced a new album in English for 2018.

    After the success of another evening, which has sold nearly 1.5 million copies in the world, Celine Dion continues to record her next album in English. The diva has recently announced a release for 2018, without specifying the date. Several rumors surround this project…

    This October 18, Celine Dion fans were in an uproar because a tracklist of the forthcoming album in English to be released would have been leaked ! We see the names of 13 songs, including two duets with Adele (dream Canadian) and with Sam Smith. The most ardent fans of the star have smelled the scam and warned of a fake news. The single title is already known that one should normally see on the next disk is Recovering, written by Pink and that the singer was feebly defended, before the summer, then she walked out of his French record…

    This album in English is still surrounded by mystery, but several names are circulating for collaborations. Questioned by Beats Radio 1 for Apple, the singer MHD has revealed that “the collaborative project was the most exciting” he has recently proposed, it was with… Celine Dion ! “I love the connections a little opposite we are going to say”, he added. We also learned that the rapper Maître Gims would be willing to work with the diva. “It was an honor to work with Florent Pagny. An honor. Now, I would like to work with Mylene Farmer, Celine Dion and Johnny too,” he said to Tv Star. On his last disc, Celine Dion had increased collaborations, trying in particular on some of the titles to rejuvenate his style, for example, working with Zaho.

    If Celine Dion still has nothing left to leak its album in English, however, we do know that it has new appeal to the producer and arranger Humberto Gatica. This last appears on a picture of the artist Timi Dakolo, who wrote in the caption : “I’m really trying to stay cool but that doesn’t really work…. Perhaps because the names of Celine Dion and Josh Groban are recorded on the same work table as my own and that I am in the same room as Humberto Gatica.”


    Celine Dion has returned to its residence in Las Vegas while his son conducts his life quietly displays a new style. Before releasing his next album, the diva has recently offered its fans the double album, A few of us (about 50 000 copies sold in France) with the setlist of her last tour.

  • Celine Dion after Las Vegas shooting: show must go on

    Celine Dion Las Vegas

    Celine Dion shows in Las Vegas would continue

    In the days following the Las Vegas tragedy, Celine Dion decided that her performance would continue. The singer took the stage at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace on Tuesday October 3 and gave an emotional talk on the stage before announcing that she would donate all the proceeds of the concert that night to the families of the victims of the senseless tragedy.

    “The reason I decided to play this show so soon is more than singing. It is to show love and support for those who are affected,” she said softly to the crowd, according to the movies obtained from E! News. “Sunday we have lost too many innocent souls and many still suffer. But tonight, we will let these families know that we support them and that we will help them through their tragic loss.”


    Celine donated the proceeds for the show to the victim’s families

    “They will need a lot of love, emotional support, and great financial help. I want you to know that the proceeds for the show tonight are donated to the victim’s families for your account,” she said the crowd applauded and she gave a standing ovation. She also devoted the concert to all victims, their families, the first interviewers, physicians, nurses and heroes who helped at a time of need.

    On Sunday 1 October, a guilty one opened fire in a crowd of 22,000 people attending the 91 country music 91 of Route 91 on the Las Vegas strip. Fifty-nine people were killed and more than 500 wounded during the horrible event, which has now been identified as the deadliest mass shootout in modern US history.

    After the tragedy, Celine led Instagram to pay tribute to the victims and their loved ones. “Praying for all innocent victims and their families in Las Vegas,” wrote the 49-year-old star.

  • Céline Dion estrena el vídeo de Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?

    Céline Dion estrena el vídeo de Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?.

    Celine Dion cerilla

    Céline Dion tiene nuevo single y vídeo‘Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?’. La cantante sigue promocionando su último disco en francés ‘Sans Attendre’, y ya va por el tercer single, señal de que tan mal no le debe ir.

    Pensarás tal vez que Céline en francés pasa sin pena ni gloria, pero si es así estás muy equivocado, ya que a la diva casi siempre le funcionan a la maravilla en ventas sus discos en la lengua del país vecino. Este último single, pues ni fu ni fa: otra balada del montón, con toques un poco rock, pero que no pasará a la historia dentro de la extensísima discografía de la cantante de la banda sonora de ‘Titanic’.

    El vídeo de ‘Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?’ fue grabado en Las Vegas el pasado mes, pero lo mejor son las escenas de Céline jugando con fuego y una cerilla, sin derretírsele la cara. ¡Qué osada! Mucho drama, mucho ventilador, y muchas escenas de una pareja interpretando tanta intensidad a través del baile. Dentro vídeo:

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/bUerI5OFf7k” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>